Vijayaprasad next, Ravishanker is ladies tailor

There was a ladies tailor Kannada cinema in the past. Vijayapasad of ‘Sidlingu and Neer Dose’ has picked this title and casting comedy TV actor turned popular hero of Kannada cinema Ravishanker Gowda in the lead role. The image of ‘Silli Lalli’ mega television serial is sure to come back to Ravishanker it is believed. A gentleman running the ‘Ladies Taior’ is the main discussing point. Director Vijayaprasad known for double meaning dialogues in his films with strong dose of emotions is now working on the investment of Sanath and Sudhir. This film is going on floor in Yogaraj Movies that has become a platform for many aspirant teams. Vijayaprasad says this is a film with full of comedy. The heroine of this film should be 125 kilograms in weight. The search is going on now. It centers on a Muslim girl. The Kannada heroines have rejected this offer. Like how the top actors Aamir Khan, Anushka Shetty, Vikram and others prepared for their roles, we need such an actor for this film says Vijayaprasad. Meanwhile in ‘Ladies Tailor’ director is touching on the caste feeling in the society as the main focus. Of course there will be enough of comedy, Shivaramanna, Venkat Rao, Bhavana Rao, Veena Sunder, Suman Ranganath are in the supporting cast. Anoop Seelin is working on music and Gnanamurthy is cameraman. The film is going on floor in April.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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