Vijaya Raghavendra new film, it is Raja loves Radhe

The handsome hunk Vijaya Raghavendra signing films after film irrespective of results. His home banner film ‘Kismat’ is getting delayed on the other hand. He is now in ‘Raja Loves Radhe’ Kannada cinema with caption ‘Eradu Manasugala Tillana’, Vijaya Raghavendra has finished his portion in ‘Mass Leader’ and his ‘Chowka’ garnered good results while ‘Eradu Kanasu’ fared badly in the box office. Raja Loves Radhe is in the story, screenplay and direction of Rajashekhar. Rajashekhar directed ‘E Sambhashane’ in the past. Ritiksha of ‘Naa Panta Kano’ is in the role of ‘Radhe’. Even before the release Ritiksha has got second offer in Kannada. The film has almost completed shooting and only one song left for shoot. It is a beautiful love story with mother and son sentiment, there is friendship, action and humour laced at different time gaps. This is attempted at youth in mind says Rajashekhar. Love is always truth, one should be loyal to it and to achieve it various circus has to be done he says in the screenplay. The shoot was held in Bengalur and Mysuru. Ravishanker, Rakesh Adiga, Shuba Poonja, Mithra, Tabala Naani, Shobaraj, Kuri Pratap, Pawan Kuamr, Kuri Ranga, Sunila, Petrol Prasanna, Danny Kuttappa, Niranjan, Bhavya, Mohan Juneja, Moogu Suresh, Manoj and others are in the cast. Veer Samarth scored music and Shidanand is cameraman.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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