V a title with alphabet, no characters on screen

A novel attempt from a new team headed by Sri Ram Babu as director is coming up. We had single letter titles from Upendra ‘A’ a debut as director for him, Praveen Nayak made ‘Z’ , we had sign based cinemas like ‘Victory’ ‘Super’ and now the title ‘V’ is a ghost based cinema. It is only the ‘Athmas’ that appear on silver screen. In a few places the shadow of human beings is made use for the film. What is ‘V’? you have to wait for a few more months. Ram Babu strongly says this kind of attempt has not been made in Indian cinema where only ‘Athmas’ move around with dialogues in the background. 80 percent of the film is done in graphics. It is a film of unsatisfied ‘Athamas’. The happenings of this film are at one village, a school and at a graveyard. The technology driven cinema is in two hours duration with two songs. In the dry land areas of Ballari and Pavagada of Tumkur district shoot has been completed. The film is at post production. After response of this film ‘V’ there is a plan to induct Producer Shivakumar is happy with the new attempt. He was impressed when his friend described the concept. First he did not agree. After six months we would try different again he was told. He has plans to release the film in November or December. ‘V’ has two cameramen – Raju and Manjesha. A huge tree is also very important part of this film. Two songs and background are from Siraj Mijar.This film will be dubbed to all languages in the country.  
Courtesy: India Glitz

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