Uppi Rupi starts, Uppi, Rachita Ram film

After months of launch the film (on December 12, 2016) got a title ‘Uppi Rupi’ and a few months later the shooting for the film started. Super star Upendra with quite a few films on hand taken up this one to finish first and the action portion is shot in Palani Raj stunts. A congress I politician and former chair person of Kanteerava Studios Dr Vijayalakshmi Aras is producer of this film. This film in Madhesh direction ‘Uppi Rupi’ has connection to the personal life of Upendra. Ruppi resort is his 17 acres brain child and the clever way of making it ‘Rupi’ has some significance to ban of currency note and its after effects. Apparently the story for this film is from producer Dr Vijayalakshmi Urs, The major portion of this film shoot is planned at West Indies. Sadhu Kokila music and Rajesh Katta cinematography part of main technical cast.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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