Trailer for trailer, publicity stunt for Dada is back

Have you heard of a trailer for release of trailer? In this gimmick world the publicity is very important is agreed. Not in this style you would say. The release of trailer for ‘Daada is back’ a trailer has been cut to gobble attention. The combination of well made ‘Gombegala Love’ Santosh and Arun are in this film ‘Dada is Back’ with Tamil actor and director Parthibhan doing a prominent role. In order to explain the release of trailer release a trailer with different approach is attempted. It is already in You Tube. The trailer prequel to trailer was released at Lord Anjaneya temple. The actual trailer is out on April1. From an offbeat film ‘Gombegala Love’ that received rave reviews Santosh is picking a mass subject. Arun and Shravya lead the pair. The title reference is given to Tamil actor Parthibhan. Sudharani, Sharat Lohitashva and others are in the cast. It is Apple Films and Dayanand Sounds Ajay Raj Urs and Dr R Shanker production. Nagesh Acharya is cameraman, Anoop Seelin has composed music, Akshay P Rao is Editor.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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