Sweat Donation - Shruthi Naidu novel thought

In the days of self centric people found in the society, here is a top ranking TV and cinema actress, producer and director Shruthi Naidu making a novel thought. To promote the organic farming and support the small farmers, Shruthi is reaching agriculturist Thammanna in Mandya district with her forty plus colleagues on this December 3 and working int he fields to know their difficulty.   It is ‘Shrama Dhaana’ alias ‘Sweat Donation’ to support farmers, know their difficulty and help in their progress.  ‘Mahanadi and Mahadevi’ TV serials in Zee  Kannada artists and technicians are taking part in this event on December 3. This is on the occasion of Shruthi Naidu birthday on December 5th.   Two days before Shruthi Naidu birthday on December 3 (she is Dec 5th birthday celebrity) Shruthi Naidu and forty from her fraternity are reaching out Mandya in the agricultural land of Mr Thammanna and working in the field for more than three hours. This is called ‘Sweat Donation’! After eight years of stint in small screen Shruthi Naidu picks up the first useful social work to promote Organic Farming.   Shruthi Naidu addressing the media said it is not a publicity stunt but it is gratitude from our team members to promote organic farming (Savayava Krushi). Rs.300 is the fee each one has to pay for agriculturalist Thamma to sow the seeds of Sugar Cane, green leaves and some vegetable seeds.  In the evening the celebrities are back to their homes.   The reason behind Shruthi Naidu taking up this task is the organic farming of Madhu Chandan of Organic Mandya. She is a frequent visitor to the shop and the people from various field of profession working on ‘Sweat Donation’ made this sprightly personality to get in to the shoe of such activity. It is just a beginning and our team would reach other parts of Karnataka to promote Organic farming says Shruthi. She is also in consultation with Zee TV to capture glimpse of this activity on December 3 so that others may join in the coming days. If we are source of inspiration for such good cause, there is nothing like that she says.   Organic farming products are extremely good for health. Madhu Chandan a farmer felt the necessity of this in last November when his father was admitted to two hospitals that cost Rs.2.5 lakh for treatment. At that time the reason ascertained was ‘Chemical Food’ consumed. Had my father followed organic farming long ago, he would not have come to such a situation he opines.   Thammanna agriculturist from Mandya district says the organic farming is growing rapidly and it is good for the people health.   Sundar, Manasa Joshi, Nagakiran and others were present at the media briefing on Tuesday morning.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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