Suvarna Sundari starts, super natural thriller

A long stay in television channel and writing scripts for 10 Telugu films like ‘Mantra, Mangalam etc Surya MSN makes a big leap in to direction and production of a bilingual film ‘Suvarana Sundari’ a film that dates back to 600 years ago Sri Krishnadevaraya era. For the Telugu audience ‘Suvarna Sundari’ is a 1957 film of Dr Akkineni Nageshwara Rao. This debutant is not picking any elements of that musical hit Telugu film. He is just taking the title after 60 years for his home banner S Team Pictures. This is Kannada and Telugu bilingual. Kannada film is first is made in Rs.4 crore budget and after that Rs.2 crore invested to give a new shape to Telugu version. This SS is a super natural thriller. Of course there is Vijayanagara regime and reincarnation to the present day description. There is 1960’s shade in the film. For Telugu version already one week of shoot was held for this film ‘SS’. Surya is looking for a pivotal role for Jayaprada or Rekha of Hindi cinema. He has three heroines in the film and two heroes. One of the heroines he explains is the idol that travels from all the three stages – ancient to contemporary time. The periodic moments are brought in underwater shoot that too under 100 feet. It will be either in Ananthpur or Kerala or Bidar. The last regime of Srikrishna Devaraya kingdom was traced in 1597 that is ‘Reddy Raju’ era. Over all the film has 10 minutes of black and white portions, 15 minutes is graphic representation in the film SS. It is 75 days shoot in Bengaluru and other locations. Tilak, Mohammad Khan, Saikumar, Avinash are in supporting roles of this film. Among the technicians the designs and sets are from Nagu who worked for recent ‘Nagarahavu’ of Kodi Ramakrishna, Manjunath assistant director in the last ten years a best friend of Soorya is joining hands. Poorna who made debut in ‘Josh’ Kannada cinema later came to ‘Radhika Ganda’. It was four years ago. She has acted in over 30 Telugu and Tamil films. Tilak is 60’s partner to Poorna. Tilak is the role of a collector. Saakshi is in princess role with Raam as partner. It is in the life of this couple some developments lead to the past. This is debut for Raam. Indra is pair to Saakshi is also making debut. Sai Karthik is scoring music for three songs. The challenge for me is to get the olden melody mood via instruments and re-recording is a big task he says.  Ishwar handles camera. He had seen the thrill in this reincarnation screenplay. It will be edge of the seat film he assures.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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