Sri Siddipurusha starts, Saiprakash 99th film

One short of century Om Saiprakash 99th film on the miracles of Sri Siddipursha of Abbe Tumkur in Yadagiri Taluk ‘Sri Vishwaradhya Siddipurusha’ went on the floor at the festival of Yadigir.It is at this festival of three days the significance of Sri Vishwadadhya Siddipurusha is made known via various programs. People from different direction reach this festival.   For three days festival with lakhs of people around director Om Saiprakash captured the flow of people attending the event with a few cameras in JG Krishna cinematography.The first shot was captured on Saikumar and Surhthi veteran actress. AV Malpal Reddy sounded clap board while Channd Reddy Gowder switched on the camera for the muhurut shot.   Sai Kumar of over 200 films acted in a few religious films and appeared in historically significant personality films like Kaivara Thataiah, Maachideva and now in Sri Vishwaradhya Siddipurusha.   This is made by the Math of the temple in Vishwa Ganga Productions. Dr Gangadhara Mahaswami of Mahasamsthana is supervising the production of this film.Ravi Chetan, Bank Janardhan, Ganesh Rao, Chitra Shenoy and fifty new actors from theatre are part of the cast.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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