Rogue and Manasu Mallige clash, Rock verses flower

It is a Rock verses flower clash on coming Friday. Producer Rockline Venkatesh remake film ‘Manasu Mallige’ of Marathi film ‘Sairat’ is hitting silver screen with floriculturist (Rose flower cultivator), sitting MLC CR Manohar bilingual film in Kannada and Telugu ‘Rogue’. ‘Rogue’ in the direction of Poori Jagannath is an action cum romantic cinema with Ishan making debut with Angelina and Mannar Chopra as heroines. Sunil Kashyap songs are pretty good and it is a good invitation. Producer CR Manohar invested on his paternal uncle son Ishan. This Rogue is hitting in Kannada and Telugu simultaneously. ‘Manasu Mallige’ in the direction of S Narayan (his 25th year in cinema) by joint production of Rockline Venkatesh and Akash Chawla of Zee TV. ‘MM’ of mega hit Sairat Marathi film remake was shot in Bengaluru, Hospet, Gadag, Kollegala, Chamarajanagara for thirty days. Well known villain of south Indian cinema Sathyaprakash son Nishanth makes debut. Rinku Rajguru who starred in original film is doing her role for the second time. Manohar Joshi is cameraman, Ajay Atul music, Srikanth editing, Ismail art, V Nagendra Prasad, K Kalyan, Yogaraj Bhat and Kaviraj penned lyrics.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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