'Real Police' Movie Preview

Om Saiprakash 98th direction ‘Real Police’ starring Khaki King on silver screen Saikumar ‘Real Police’. This is also because of the real life contents provided by by producers to make this film. Sadikulla and Noor Ahmed are producers of this film. The story for this film was lent by the producer Sadikulla is another high point of this film. After Atanka Kannada film Saiprakash is on a murder mystery in this film. For no mistake punishment should not happen is also focused in this film. Sadhu Kokila, Manjunath Hegde, Akshita, Ganesh Rao, Mimicry Rajagopal are in the cast. Disha Poovaiah is in main lead. Balaram has scored four songs for this film and veteran JG Krishna is cameraman of the film. Saiyish is son of Ganesh Rao in the film is qualified in Engineering. Suhas is key villain in this film is a student from Abhinaya Taranga. Akshita Bopaiah is heroine friend in the film. Rajagopal mimicry artist and actor of over 250 films in Kannada is extremely happy for a big lift in the role of a senior constable for him.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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