Raju Kannada medium, FRR Naresh back

The super hit Kannada cinema in the debut Naresh Kumar of ‘First Rank Raju’ has silently completed another comedy laced with real inputs of our surroundings. That is ‘Raju Kannada Medium’. This is another tribute from the director for the Kannada language it seems. KA Suresh of successful films in Kannada is producer of this film. The title change from ‘Raju Rangitaranga’ to ‘Raju Kannada Medium’ – FRR hero Gurunandan is paired with Rangitaranga heroine Avanthika Shetty.   Producer KA Suresh of Eradane Madhuve, Govindayanamaha, Shravani Subramani, RX Soori, Shivalinga films is hoping for a good result for the film. He has plans to release trailer soon.   Kiran Ravindranath music and Shekar Chandra cinematography are additional plus point for this film.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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