Rajaru complete, 54 days shooting

Each one in life feels that he is like ‘King’ at one stage. The four youths from village Niranjan Shetty, Jagadish, Nagaraj and Sharan with one heroine Shalini key actors in the cast took part in the shoot of Girish Moolimane as debut director.   Travelling Goa, Sakleshpura, Bengaluru the shoot was completed that also includes songs. Krishna Rangaswamy lent the story for this film. What is the fate of four youths when they fall behind one girl is the crux of this ‘Rajaru’.   Nagendra Prasad, Yogaraj Bhat given four songs for this film. Singers from Hindi ArmanMallik, Shreya Goshal and Kannada singer Shashank Seshagiri lent their voice in the music of state award winner Sridhar Sambram.   ‘Rajaru’ is in MRS Cine Creations. Niranjan trying a few films to establish as an actor is on another attempt. The film ‘Rajaru’ has caption…’Aramane Illa Rani Hudukthavre’. The tag line has created curiosity from director Girish Moolimani who hails from Shivamogga district. He is basically a lawyer in profession now ordering right things to suit the masses. He has worked in a few directors camp before turning independent director.   ‘Rajaru’ is produced by three producers M Murthy, P Shivakumar and H Ramesh. Shivakumar is former councilor of BBMP. The other two producers are realtors.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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