Priyanka wears Khaki, Mummy catch me

For the first time actress Priyanka Upendra is wearing Khakhi Uniform in the direction of Yogi Devagange. Director has penned the story and it is made in Brindavan Enterprises by producer Nagesh Kumar. Mummy…catch me if you can says the rabble rousers in this new film of Priyanka Upendra.

Lohith who made ‘Mummy…Save Me’ was supposed to take up second consequent film with Priyanka Upendra. After this film, he intends to take up his second film with Priyanka Upendra.

Priyanka known for romantic roles as heroines all of a sudden made a leap as mother in ‘Mummy…Save Me’, she gave convincing performance in that horror film.

Priyanka as cop holding lathi wearing cap started appearing on the sets. The film title is ‘Second Half’. She is a woman constable in the film. The film title ‘Second Half’ has a caption First Half.

Shivakumar is cameraman and Chetan is composing music. The film shoot is in brisk progress.


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