Prakash Raj emotional moment, I am Kannadiga

The tearful Prakash Raj, pride of India with strong roots from Karnataka was witnessed when he was the chief guest at the Week End with Ramesh on last Saturday night and Sunday at Zee Kannada from 9 pm to 10.30 pm. The 77 years old mother of Prakash Rai – Smt Swarnalatha came with the childhood memories was very touching moment for Prakash Rai in the achiever chair. On his stint in so many languages Prakash Rai came out clearly and said he is ‘Kannadiga’ first. The roots of this language given me various branches and I feel it is a proud he stated in his second episode that was telecast on Sunday night. ‘I am blessed with a child like Prakash Rai in life’ said Smt Swarnalatha, he was chatter box, he had capacity to make a dumb speak in childhood days, he used to get angry and not take food, he was chatting a lot with his sister Asha said Smt Swarnalatha. My mother is Devathe of my life’, the sacrifice, purity, clarity, unconditional love is incomparable, I want to see her happiness everyday’ – Prakash Rai stated wiping his tears. Iludu Baa Taayi Iludu Baa…was the beginning of Prakash Rai chat at Week End with Ramesh. It was this song his father Manjunatha Rai singing and Swarnalatha a nurse in St Marthas Hospital fell in love. They are nothing but Prakash Rai parents. My father did not earn. He did not know the joy of work. For my growth everything is mother. Working as nurse she looked after all the five members in the family. My mother grew up in an orphanage home and struggled throughout. In the last forty years my mother is affected with diabetes, I want her to be happy always. When we were sleeping in night she used to fight with God. Why have you given so much of difficulty? I came to know it one day. The principles she taught me is that help others. Even if you don’t have, take loan and help. She taught me what I should not do in life. She is 77 today and ‘Devathe’ of my life said Prakash Rai. Smt Swarnalatha speaking at this great moment in life said ‘Prakasha was very angry child. He used to get Kopa, he was chatter box. He used to talk to his sister Asha too much. He was able to make a dumb speak in his childhood days. The first episode on Saturday night was brushing of memory from childhood. His friends, teachers, mentors – Dr HSV and Govinda Rao, old scooter he was driving, NCC medal, a Saree, a drama juniors skit that connected ‘Nanu Nanna Kanasu, Nagamandala and Guddada Bootha that was first TV serial in Kannada or Prakash Rai. He was presented DVD of ‘Guddada Bootha’.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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