Parimala Jaggesh to USA, Jaggesh, Yethi joins

‘It is my first visit to USA’ – smiling lady and better half of Navarasanayaka Jaggesh – Parimala Jaggesh disclosed when she had come to the motion poster launch of her first son Gururaj Jaggesh film ‘Dhandhe Boys’. The strong lady in the life of three and half decades of an actor Jaggesh, the intelligent and educated compared to Jaggesh – Smt Parimala Jaggesh is accompanying her husband and youngest son Yethiraj for a twenty days trip to USA. She is visiting New York and Washington. One of the events what Jaggesh is attending is religious/spiritual kind she says. Starting her travel of life from a teenage Smt Parimala Jaggesh has been instrumental in success of Jaggesh. She was employed for sometime but now at work at home basis with strong educational background. The three in the family of Jaggesh – Jaggesh, Parimala and Yethiraj are leaving to USA on Friday. They are coming back to Bengaluru before 20th of April. Happy Journey and good days at USA to Jaggesh, Smt Parimala and Yethiraj!
Courtesy: India Glitz

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