'NS' fan faux

The danger of ‘Face Book’ fan page has eventually resulted in great confusion for the people one side and team of ‘Nataraja Service’. One of the posters put up by a fan indicated that the film is releasing on 16th of this month. That is far away from truth. The fact is that Nataraja Service is releasing on 21st of October and not the faux created by a fan in the face page.

90 kilograms director Pawan Wadeyar looking at this fan page in face book was wondering how could this happen. To convince the people call him, it was a tough situation that reduced his weight by 10 kilograms.

Producer NS Rajakumar says he is in profit before release of Nataraja Service. He is ready to producer another in the combination of Sharan and Mayoori. The treat co incidence is that the initial of producer Rajakumar is NS and it is expanded it becomes Nataraja Service.

Mayoori is extremely happy with the responses she is getting in the internet media. The film is half winning with such publicity feels Mayoori who is in a mild role in ‘NS’. She is very curious to see the film in the theatre.

Sharan popular hero is happy for two things at this moment – producer telling that he is happy before release and evincing interest in making one more film with him in coming days. Sharan in fact has voice message of producer NS Rajakumar – that is very happy news he feels.

Muniraju is distributing the film in Karnataka and he would come out in transparent way on the collection. Music director Anoop Seelin, dance director Murali were present at the media meet.

Source: Indiaglitz Kannada

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