Niruththara all set for release, you find answers

The debut film of Apoorva Kasaravalli son of Padmasri Dr Girish Kasaravalli ‘Niruththara’ (unanswerable) is all set to right answers. For answer on issues of friendship, marriage and love primarily in the film you have to watch this film soon. Apoorva Kasaravalli in his debut film is blessed with good producers Aravind Ramanna and Bhavana, national fame Rahul Bose and Rasool Pookutty doing the sound designing for the film. Well known lyricist Kaviraj speaking on this occasion stated that matching words according to ragas was challenging for him. This ‘Niruththara’ has tracks like Marriage, friendship, love. When they are connected what happens is the crux of this movie. I am optimistic of film reaching the audience very well hopes Apoorva Kasaravalli. The first half is shot in places like Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. Kiran srinivas is a rock musician in this film. Aravind Ramanna brother of actress Bhavana intends to release the dubbed version of this film to Hindi.  
Courtesy: India Glitz

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