Nam Shabana publicity, trio at Bengaluru

A prequel to ‘Baby’ Hindi cinema ‘Naam Shabana’ in the direction of Shivam Nair for story, screenplay and dialogue from stalwart director and producer Neeraj Pandey with Tapsi Pannu doing the lead with top stars such as Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpai, Prithviraj, Anupam Kher in the cast came before the film media in Bengaluru on 30th of March at Citadel Hotel. The trio connected to the film Reliance Entertainment S Sarkar, Manoj Bhajpai the man behind ‘Shabana’ doing wonders on screen as National Security Agent and writer director and producer Neeraj Pandey addressed the media. ‘Nam Shabana’ is releasing in over 2500 screens on 31st of March says Reliance Entertainment CEO S Sarkar addressing the media. On the much talked about DTH system he says it is fading away in places like Hollywood; in case that system prevails we have to go with it. However this ‘Nam Shabnam’ is releasing at some of the countries where so far Hindi film was not released. In India alone it is 1800 screens in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu dubbed versions he pointed. ‘Nam Shabnam’ writer and box office winning director and producer Neeraj Pandey of films like ‘A Wednesday, Special 26, The Royal Bengal Tiger, Baby, Rustom, MS Dhoni, Saat Uchakkey says this particular film is produced by Sheetal Bhatiya. When ‘Baby’ was at the editing table the thought process began for this film. When the Baby was ready for release the prequel was clear in script. It is about a middle class girl getting in to intelligence struggling hard reaches the top. For the support and good reactions he got from Bengaluru, Neeraj Pandey arranged for publicity meet in garden city. A sterling actor of over three decades Manoj Bajpayee explained that the film ‘Nam Shabnam’ is a woman centric cinema and we are all supporting behind. This film is very dear and unique to me. It is women centric. Tapsi Pannu has worked very strong for this film to get into physically and mentally for the role. India has the best intelligence according to Bajpai. This ‘Nam Shabnam’ will celebrate the power of women he mentioned.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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