Murali Oggarane Dabbi feat, 1000 going strong

A popular reality show on mouth watering recipe introduction and preparation ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ hitting small screen at afternoon slot in Zee Kannada from famous orator, producer of the program Murali has reached 1000 episodes. He has lined up a few programs to mark the celebration. He had invited former Prime Minister Deve Gowda for a social cause from ‘Oggarane Dabbi’. In the absence of former PM Deve Gowda, actress Thara sitting MLC cut the tape to allow a few lined up vehicles for food to 1008 children in 27 orphan houses. In addition to this good gesture from Oggarane Dabbi, Smt Tejaswini Ananthkumar wife of union minister Ananth Kumar released the book on Ayurvedic healthy food that is one of the programs of this ‘Oggarane Dabbi’. The Ayurvedic healthy food prepared at this Oggarane Dabbi is in book format. Murali Miltry Hotel a non vegetarian recipe book was also released on this occasion. One Thousand house women have taken part in this ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ and two thousand are waiting in the queue. For Thursday we have made it ‘Gruhini’ special. We have done enough research and from all over South the different varieties have been tried out in 4000 plus recipe prepared. In that fifty percent is non vegetarian says Murali who is richly popular today. Murali Military Hotel book is on non vegetarian. The earlier three editions we have encouraging response in sales. It has crossed over 1.30 copies. Zee TV Antony sitting next to Murali the kingpin of Oggarane Dabbi was feeling very happy. There is a need of zero garbage kitchen in India stressed Thejaswini Ananthkumar as one of the chief guests on this occasion. Making good food is OK, what about the other related work in the kitchen? We should go in for zero garbage kitchen, Kitchen should by Prayogika and Paatashala not just ‘paakashaala’. I am a foodie. For any one good work coming up, it is because of good food observes Thara Anooradha addressing on this occasion. Yet Nalamaharaja is given position as best cook, but mother affection in feeding is most important in value. I see the ‘Mother’ affection in Murali she opined. Making food at home for me is stress release adds Thara. Although I am int he field of food business for decades, people are recognising me from ‘Oggarana Dabbi’ says Sadananda Mayya of ‘Mayya Group of Hotels’ in Karnataka. Let this go beyond 10000 episodes wished Sadananda Mayya.  
Courtesy: India Glitz

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