Mass Leader final, Tarun not to bow further

At the completion of Dr Shivarajakumar and Pranitha Subash starring ‘Leader’ Kannada film the title controversy has upset the producer Tarun Shivappa for which he has not done any mistake. When the KFCC advised him to change the title ‘Leader’ because it is in the name of director and producer AMR Ramesh, he obliged and took the title of ‘Mass Leader’ from writer Ajay Kumar in replacement. That was fine move from Tarun Shivappa. He made announcement of the film accordingly. Once again AMR Ramesh is complaining on the title and staging a dharna in front of KFCC building on 10th of April. Reacting to this Tarun Shivappa producer and director Sahana Murthy of ‘Mass Leader’ says the further change in the title is not possible. We have obtained 2013 title ‘Mass Leader’ and the current rule of adding extra words to already registered titles does not apply. The rule of KFCC was made a few months ago. This title was registered four years ago he says, the rule applies only when fresh titles are registered like that. There is no point in sitting on Dharna in front of KFCC office. He says he has invested Rs.20 lakhs on the project; we have already spent over Rs.12 crores on this title ‘Mass Leader’. There is no need to blame KFCC in this aspect says Tarun Shivappa. The title ‘Leader’ title was also in the hands of Vishishta Pictures of Raghunath of SRV films. He also obliged to allow me to keep the title ‘Leader’. After all these developments AMR Ramesh comes and says he has registered the title in 2009.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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