Manja is back, not a sequel

The block buster in Kannada ten years ago ‘Mental Manja’ by siblings Sai Sagar younger as director and Arjun as hero – back again with a title ‘Mental Manja 2’. It is not a sequel. The story is of course suitable to present generation. Put down in life because of loss of father of siblings Chaluvali Narayan and mother also turning very sick, in addition to a case against Arjun from his wife, two years was very depressing for brothers. They have decided to work and forget the woes now. The first one had a tragic end to the hero. So no take off from that film. It is a different pattern Sai Sagar has worked for his elder brother Mental Star Arjun comeback. Anyaya, Mosa, Daga, Vanchane place this Mental Manja 2 will be present to solve. There is rowdyism, mafia, politics but all are explained with one character. This is an attempt to draw youngsters. I have given films that is inconvenient to family audience says Sai Sagar. The change in society is given a thought. It is thirty five days shoot first and ten days in Mangaluru. Pramodini and Riyanshi Gowda are in lead roles. Fifteen actors from stage are taking part in it. This is a new way of narration of rowdy life according Sai Sagar. Govindanna is like Godfather to brothers. Govindanna son Girish is making debut in this film. Govindanna filling the place of father has not agreed for an ordinary subject. “Mental Manja” – Double Meter Irorge mathra as caption is a well prepared script says Arjun playing lead. The last two years was very bad in real life. We have overcome it. This film has three shades for me. I have reduced my weight he says. Dancing, swimming, sports area he has concentrated so for this film. Girish an aviation student is taking first dip in to this film.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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