'Kaurava' is mine, S Mahender clarify

The controversy surrounding the title ‘Once More Kaurava’ was cleared by director S Mahender at the briefing of his film ‘Once More Kaurava’. It was ‘Kaurava’ image that had given a good standing for actor and politician BC Patil. Hamsalekha music, Prema as actress and S Mahender as director made a sound in the box office in 1998. In 2013 a sequel was thought by BC Patil and entrusted responsibility to S Mahender again. When director Mahender came up with subject and titled it as ‘Once More Kaurava’, BC Patil was busy. He delayed the project. In this time the title given by S Mahender lapsed. It also changed hands of two persons. At this time in 2015, S Mahender registered in his name and prepared another script for the title as Patil was not interested. In 2016 middle when S Mahender with new producer Naresh Gowda commenced the film ‘Once More Kaurava’, Patil objected that this film cannot happen without his presence in the film. S Mahender became strong after this announcement and when he was inquired on this controversy the truth came out clearly. For the earlier Kaurava and Once More Kaurava title was given by him. So I have the rights of the title and for laps of the title for two years Patil should answer. Secondly I have not picked the subject what I have done for him. It is a film with new script and for this film also I have contacted BC Patil for a role that is very prominent. That role is performed by a stage artist and Naresh Gowda is the hero and producer of the film he explained.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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