An attempt to bring Hannibal Lecter to Kannada screen has gone horribly wrong. Cannibalism is not even on the menu (just a vague reference) and you are left wondering where the serial killing is happening. The suspense thriller Just Akasmika is lost in trivalities and unnecessary diversions to a thin suspense plot.

The story itself is confused and there is no clear protagonist. Newcomer Vinod is supposedly the hero and, therefore, gets screen time to showcase his jumping skills which takes the film nowhere.

His history as an orphan and subsequent reunion with his parents is another drag that has nothing to do with the plot. These tracks of the film and that of the serial killer are two complete things. The only thing that links the two is that our hero witnesses something suspicious when jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Instead of clearly sketching the characters of Thilak and Sacheen, unnecessary screen space is given to Vinod and Sanjana. Just because they were taken on board, Mukyamantri Chandru and Ramesh Bhat get scenes which are in no way connected to the main plot of the film. But these are the only people who can act. Cardboard caricatures could have been used for the rest of the cast.

The making is also nothing great except for one song (Sogasagide). For lack of a tight screenplay and clear cut ambition, the film falters all the way. There is no suspense and not a single scene that is scary or thrilling. If Hannibal Lecter does not get you, Just Aaksmika will. Enter if you are a daredevil.

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