Ira ready to appear, first of ten films from Kasanis

The Kasanis brothers are on a film spree in this year. They are up to 10 films production in Kannada. Hailing from remote place in dharwad district and doing great in stocks and shares are ready with first film to release.   The trio brothers of northern Karnataka Kasanis S Harsha, S Sanjeev and S Srikanth in Harsha Entertainment are coming up with one of the ten films. Of the ten films ‘Ira’ is all set for release. It is a happening of one night story. Our duty is to produce films; it is up to people to disclose the acceptance says the producers.   One of the assistants of Pawan Wodeyar Harikrishna is turning independent director from this film. He has taken enough suggestions from Wodeyar to make this film. The meeting was around six months. Pawan Wodeyar is releasing this film of Kasanis brothers first of the 10 releases.   For Harikrishna to get a chance to direct the short film ‘Evil Dead’ was prepared and shown. Inspired from this   Wodeyar and team have given opportunity to direct. It is happening from 11pm to 4 am. There is enough of suspense and thrill in the film. Only four characters take the film. Vasishta is hero, Karthik did not divulge contents, Atul Kulkarni is inspector. Sudhi, Pradeep Poojari, Ravi, Chetan, Shashidhar, Stanli are villains in this film.   The motion poster and trailer of the film were screened at the media meeting. The film is expected to hit in March end.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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