Huchcha Venkat to float Party, enter politics

With just one year to the Karnataka state Election heat to commence (probably in May 2018), the buzz has already started from the film front. Huchcha Venkat a popular actor with distinction style has decided to contest for state Assembly from ‘Venkat Sene’. He is deploying loyal youths to work. He is picking the candidates after carefully scrutiny. Venkat Sene is in its 4th year. He is taking up a state wide tour for picking youths to his party. The candidate who is selected should bear the election expenses. Even if one seat is won the feel of satisfaction of building party comes to me he says. Sowmya and Rachana are counterparts to Huchcha Venkat in ‘Porki Huchcha Venkat’ film. For floating the political party he is giving the name ‘Huchcha Venkat Party’ in the next month. I am also deciding on the marriage soon. As of now U/A certificate for Porki Huccha Venkat is getting ready for release.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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