Halu Thuppa unique title, positively titled

In the Hindu culture and tradition the time of ‘Halu Thuppa’ is referred after passing away of the person. It is on third day of death for the burial ground this ‘Halu Thuppa’ is offered for passed away persons.   We are not looking at that point of view although the ‘Thithi’ actors are part of the film. We have purposefully said in the caption ‘Thithi Alla’ – it is not for ceremony. Director Shashankraj of Yuga Yugale Saagali and Goolihatti says the usage of ‘Halu Thuppa’ in our culture is also traced in good occasions like marriages, Nagara Panchami festival and elders wish the life to be like ‘Thuppa’ – very smooth is the meaning = Shashankraj had a few more good occasions to mention.   But the presence of ‘Thithi’ actors Century Gowda and Gaddappa still brings in a doubt. The focus of the director is that life should be as smooth as ‘Thuppa’ and as clean as ‘Milk’ that is Halu.   Dilse Dilip has written four songs for that Jogi Prem, Chandan Shetty, Indu Nagaraj lent their voice. Indra has done the music and RV Nageshwara Rao is cameraman, Sai Ram has penned dialogues.   With Century Gowda and Gaddappa, Honnavalli Krishna, Jayaram are also in the cast. Pawan Soorya is lead actor. This is his third film. Mouna is female lead.   Dodmane Venkatesh associated with quite a few films in Kannada is investing on this film in Bhumiputra banner. He wanted to make a film with super stars. Finally he agreed for this film with a condition that the film should be viewed by all the family members.   The film is at re-recording stage, April the audio comes and film in May middle it is learnt.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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