Eradane Sala called off, producer hits out director Guruprasad

How about releasing ‘Eradane Sala’ for ‘Eradane Sala’ (meaning second time)? This is exactly what is happening for the film that was released in the last week. This is a gimmick and scoring sympathy on the part of producer Yogesh Narayan. Of course he has the grief of director Guruprasad not supporting him right from audio release of the film and first print of the film. In addition to director keeping away Yogesh Narayan for his four years project and crores of rupees investment the right theatre set up perturbed him. From this Friday he has decided to take back the film from theatres. He has plans to release the film in May month. Similar decision was taken for ‘Mathe Banni Pritsona’ of producer HP Ravindra. His second time release with Dr Ambarish intervention did not bring any results. Now Yogesh Narayan followed the same steps. He is giving only the theatre set up as reason. On Tuesday evening with his main actors Dhananjay and Sangeetha Bhat plus music director Anoop Seelin, producer Yogesh Narayan wondered why director Guruprasad is keeping distance from the film. He has taken four years to complete the film but initially it was discussed as nine months project.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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