Dr Shiv Verses Ragini, common man concept

The tussle in the box office is not only with male actors. The star wars are bound to happen in any format. We had seen big star films clashing in the year 2016. Here is a case of Dr Shivarajakumar verses Ragini Dwivedi. Both are contesting in box office with the issue of ‘Common Man’.Dr Shiv is common man in ‘Srikanta’ of Manu Gowda production with Chandini as heroine in Manju Swaraj direction. What extent the common man can use his strength for the better formation of society is crux of this film. In Ragini Dwivedi ‘Nane Next CM’ –CM means common man. The power of common man at the helm on the one side and common man living with no support from the government is the concept of director Mussanje Mahesh in Premiere Studio production. Apparently Dr Shivarajakumar ‘Srikanta’ is releasing in first week of January while Ragini Dwivedi ‘Nane Next CM’ is in the middle of January 2017.The hero and heroine contest is for the first time with two different films on one issue of ‘Common Man’.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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