Dhuniya Vijay to write a book, life sketch without editing

The action hero of Kannada cinema with great sense of humanity Dhuniya Vijay was in literally bad shape with the loss of his two good friends Anil Kumar and Raghav Uday in ‘Masthi Gudi’ helicopter jump.   Recouping from injury to his career Dhuniya Vijay speaking to media persons on Tuesday evening at Minerva Mills on the sets of ‘Kanaka’ says he intends to write like sketch of his 10 years in career starting from ‘Dhuniya’ his first blockbuster cinema released in 2007 February.   Dhuniya Vijay far away from latest social media networks was reading the philosophical books in his early days. It is only reading of Kannada books that has corrected his Kannada diction also. From this habit of reading the idea of writing a life story ‘autobiography’ has also cropped in his mind. He is already at the beginning stage of it. How far his developments in life would come in book format? It is only time that gives the answer.   Vijay is not totally averse to latest gadgets but he uses the mobile very rarely and he knows the impact of it in long range. The cinema industry has taught him passion. The days of coming for fashion are gone. For the given opportunity one has to struggle. There is no alternative to it. The added advantage is when one gets the theatre background. Without training the young buddies should not try observes Dhuniya Vijay.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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