Chitrali entry, it is 'Varasdara' of Sudeep

The chubby cheek Chitrali winner of ‘Drama Juniors’ makes entry in ‘Varasdaara’ mega serial telecast in Zee Kannada. It is Kichcha Sudeep production. After a month of telecast the popularity shooting up, Varasdaara now capitalizes on the popularity of Drama Juniors winner Baby Chitrali Tejpal. A story of two families in ‘Varasdaara’ – some of the incidents stitched keeping in mind ‘Simha Vamsha’. Bhavani daughter in law struggles hard to protect the girl child born to her in the respected huge family. She gives tutelage to the girl child and makes her to grow on par with a boy in the society in Shivapura a small village. Popular actress Yagna Shetty is in the Bhavani role. She gives the valiant nature to her girl child. Chitrali Tejpal of five years is the daughter for Yagna in ‘Varasdaara’. In the mega serial it is 7 years age for Chitrali. ‘Varasdaara’ of Kichcha Creations is telecast from Monday to Friday at 7.30 in Zee Kannada.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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