'Bengaluru Underworld' Movie Preview

An action film flick in PN Sathya direction is based on an important newspaper report of the past days connecting to the Bengaluru Underworld activities. PN Sathya known for such films from the days of ‘Majestic’ roped in actor of ‘Deadly Soma, Deadly 2, Edegarike’ Adtiya for lead role. Aditya son of very famous director KCA Chairman SV Rajendra Singh Babu is known for his the past connect to underworld in films. A gentleman not connected to any of the rowdy activities is forced to take on the bad guys of underworld, what should be the strength and how he materialize in his compelled rabble rousers is the crux of this film. An actor with tall look and killing eyes is a proved actor in Kannada filmdom. Challenging star Darshan watched this film and optimistic of good career ahead for his best friend Aditya. This film with action and dose of sentiment is made in Majestic Touring Talkies. Anand is producer of this film. Payal Radhakrishna a model from Mysuru is female lead. Shobaraj, Kote Prabhakar, harish Roy, Uday and others are in the cast. Anoop Seelin scores music and Aryavardhana is cinematographer.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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