B R Shetty in cinema, in a song in March 22

Padmasri Dr BR Shetty, Order of Abu Dhabi award winner, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, winner of Asia Most Promising leader, Forbes Middle East top Indian leader, Middle East Entrepreneur award winner – with roots from Udupi district of Karnataka has appeared before the camera for a thought provoking Kannada film produced by his best friend of Dubai Harish Sherigar and Sharmila Sherigar – March 22 in the direction of Kodlu Ramakrishna of 26 Kannada films. Dr BR Shetty attended five hours shooting for five minutes song in the film coming in a private helicopter. He also addressed the media, released a special pen that bear the title of the film ‘March 22’ – apparently March 22 is the World Water day. Remembering his early days Dr Shetty recalled that in 1973 he went to land of desert United Arab Emirates to clear the loan at home. Armed with clinical degree in Pharmacy, with his commitment, hard work, vigor and dynamism build and succeed in multiple businesses over the empire and spread it across the globe. The NMC from this NRI evolved in 1975 ‘New Medical Center’ private health care is first company in Abu Dhabi is premium segment. Coming to his days in India he recalled noted Tamil director Bharathiraja offer to romance in a song with Sridevi in a film. I did not get permission from my wife. At home he was extended Tulu film ‘Koti Chennayya’ that he had to give up as it deserved lot of work out on physique. Addressing at the ‘March 22’ Kannada film media meet on completion of the film Dr Shetty at Chancery Pavilion Hotel on Richmond Road, the richest man said Dubai is not very far away, the distance of air travel is less than going to New Delhi he says. I have learnt the subject of this film. it is very relevant and topical to the present people living in the society he mentioned. On his going to Dubai, it was only to clear the loan which he made in home town. With business and richness on the one side the rich heart is very important he says. He remembered Dr VS Acharya days (we were like Ram Lakshman) of working with him in Udupi. He is now setting up a special hospital free of cost for women and children. He is funding this from the profits he is gaining from another super specialty hospital. He has decided to keep his parents name for this free hospital for children and women. Cutting a joke a closet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BR Shetty said the Swachcha Bharath after ‘Demonetization’.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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