Arivu released, book before cinema

In fact Kannada cinema ‘Arivu’ by Mahendra Munnoth and co actor and producer and Ranganath as debutant director was made first and later the book got ready. Now before the release of the film, the book was released on last Saturday by national and international acclaimed director P Seshadri, well known writer and journalist Jogi (H Girish Rao) and state award winning director Narendra Babu were present at Sri Renukamba Digital theatre. Sosale Gangadhar has written the book format of the film ‘Arivu’. The reading habit is always plus for the young and old director to get a fine touch to the film making. The 70’s followed the adaptation from novels to cinema.  Dr Rajakumar family showed the way. One novel was cautiously read by half a dozen in the earlier times. Off late preparing script means preparing screenplay. Let us all have Kadambari ‘Arivu’ for good cinema felt Jogi in his address. P Seshadri a highly reputed director appreciated the enthusiasm of director Ranganath. He explained how ‘Mayoora’ happened for Kannadigas from Dr Raj camp that explained the importance of a novel for a film. Sosale Gangadhar recalled his association with ‘Street Plays’ that was very helpful in writing his novel ‘Arivu’. It is on literacy based topic he said. Mahendra Munnoth explained the significance of education in life with very rhyming words. He is releasing the film on 20th of January 2017. Ranganath director of the film stated how the story board that got him direction opportunity. He explained the trials and tribulations he faced in the last three years to see this day.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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