Action portion for Kanaka, first in Chandru and Vijay combine

An action portion featuring Dhuniya Vijay and a dozen fighters was stored for successful director R Chandru ‘Kanaka’ Kannada film at Minerva Mills.    R Chandru knows Dhuniya Vijay from the days of his assistant direction. It was wish to work together happening now recalled R Chandru.  In this film Dhuniya Vijay is fan of Annavru. The ideals of Dr Rajakumar are told in this film. Vijay is fond of reading books. He reads at least two books. The social service he does is not declared.   Manvitha Harish is female lead and search for another heroine is in progress. The main thread for the film is a happening in real life. This would give a feel of 207th film of Dr Rjakumara.   Dhuniya Vijay was in mood to talk other than cinema. On his role he said he is playing auto driver role for the first time. I am like a worker in this film; the actual ‘Kanaka’ is director R Chandru stated Vijay.   541st action direction Different Danny, villain Ugram Manju, Sathya Hegde were also present at the shooting spot of ‘Kanaka’.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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