13 songs lifted for Eradane Sala, copy right act violation

The Kannada film ‘Eradane Sala’ in Yogesh Narayan production and Guruprasad direction is having a battle as producer and director are exchanging complaints on each other. It is mainly for four years delay on the part of the director for completion of ‘Eradane Sala’ (starring veteran Lakshmi as mother, Dhananjay and Sangeetha Bhat as lead pair).   Meanwhile there is another problem the film team is facing has come to light on Saturday evening. ‘Eradane Sala’ has used bits of 13 popular Kannada film songs that belong to Lahari, Jhankar and Anand Audio houses.   All the three major audio companies have raised objections and claiming compensation for using it without permission.   Music director Anool Seelin has not used those songs bits in the audio CD that is in the market. It was prerogative of the director Guruprasad that is now questioned.   In case suitable compensation is meted out, the producer of ‘Eradane Sala’ has to face the consequences in the court of law.   According to sources even 30 seconds use of popular songs is not permissible under the new Copyright Act.
Courtesy: India Glitz

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